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    Olympia College, KL Campus Celebrates Founder’s Day at Lanai Gurney PDF Print E-mail
    • Olympia College, KL Campus Celebrates Founder’s Day at Lanai GurneyImage 1
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    • Olympia College, KL Campus Celebrates Founder’s Day at Lanai GurneyImage 3
    • Olympia College, KL Campus Celebrates Founder’s Day at Lanai GurneyImage 4
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    On 29 May 2010, Raffles Education Group/Olympia College played tribute to its founding father, Mr. Winston Periera. This event is celebrated yearly to spread the beliefs and vision of the late founder to the current staff of Raffles Education Group and Olympia College.

    This year was no different and a total of over fifty staff and invited guest namely, Y. Bhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Haji Yahaya Ibrahim as well as members of the Pereira family graced this occasion at Lanai Gurney in Kuala Lumpur.

    It was an informal gathering to celebrate the success and milestones of Mr. Winston and his huge contribution to the local education industry as well as his attributes which laid the group on the map to success.

    Staff from the various companies under the Raffles Education Group banner enjoyed the fine food, games and had fellowship with each other. It was a joyful occasion for one and all.

    The speeches by Mr Kevin Pereira, the Executive Director as well as Mr Chan Chee Seng, academic advisor, drove home the essences on the ability, charisma and very being of the late founder, Mr. Winston Pereira to all present during the night.

    It was a night to remember for many and mostly all who were present enjoyed the night and was able to celebrate the life of a very able and prominent figure that built his business on his dreams and beliefs which we are all apart of today.

    Olympia College, Kuantan  Celebrates Founders Day 2010 with  “Go Green” Activity

    To celebrate the Founder’s Day in a different way, the staff and students of Olympia College, Kuantan campus made a trip to Sungai Lembing.  Sungai Lembing is a tin mining town, 42 km northwest of Kuantan in Pahang, Malaysia.

    Lembing’ is a Bahasa Malaysia word  for Spear, and "Sungai" means River. The local legend states that the local Ruler saw a vision of a spear in the river nearby and thus named this town after his vision.

    The staff of OC Kuantan - Mr Suresh and  Ms Kamala had organized this trip with the assistance of Mr Surya and Mr Eddy.

    The group started their climb to Sungai Lembing Hill at 6.30 am and once they had reached the hill, they made a declaration to create awareness and support the “Go Green” environment.

    Thereafter, they visited the Sungai Lembing museum. The Pahang Sungai Lembing Museum was established to remember the glorious days of Sungai Lembing town, as the richest producer of tin in the country.

    There are few hanging bridges at  Sungai Lembing to connect the people from the other side of the river to the main town. The students were very excited when they went for a  walk on the hanging bridge.

    Mr Sundar, the principal of OC Kuantan thanked the organizers and all staff and students who have made this event a great success.

    “We care for our Students, we care for One Malaysia and we care for the World.” he added.

    The  Declaration to Create Awareness on “Go Green” Environment

    • Educational institutions are responsible for teaching and training millions of people.  Colleges are at the hub of local and regional economies and our influence stretches far and wide. We therefore have a critical role to play in protecting the environment and showing the way forward to all. Today, we, staff and students of OLYMPIA COLLEGE KUANTAN will pledge to go green in all areas of our business.
    • Climate change is a concern for each of us. Solutions are within our grasp and are ready to be implemented by individuals, communities, businesses and governments around the globe. Going green is about making a demonstration and a declaration of our hope and concerns for the future of our planet.
    • We declare that we are going to do our best to go green in the future. It will mean reducing waste in every way. Too much of what's convenient is also bad for the environment.  We also declare that our eco friendly actions are more than just a gesture. We will strive to walk instead of driving, going easy on the gas when we are driving, changing out our light bulbs, using reusable water bottles. Some other ways are  to go green are to print less, use less plastics, recycle, plant a tree, grow your own vegetables, print only if necessary,  off the lights and water when not in use. All this will makes a huge difference.
    • We will be at the forefront to change people's behaviors and promote greater respect for the environment wherever possible.